8 Must-Haves to Elevate Your Studio’s Website

As you start creating a new dance studio website, whether you’re building it yourself or with the help of a web designer, it’s important to consider how to create a downright DELIGHTFUL online experience for your website visitors.

The goal is to keep them engaged… exploring the unique offerings of your studio and moving through your sales funnel towards registration.

Not planning a website redesign anytime soon? It’s still an excellent idea to
review your existing website to make sure the following are in place.

Here are eight essential elements to include on your website:

1. Intuitive Navigation

Busy parents need to quickly find the information they’re seeking. Keep their journey through your website easy-peezy with clear and straightforward navigation labels, such as ‘About the Studio,’ ‘Our Classes,’ and ‘Contact Us.’ While creative titles may sound enticing, simplicity is key to prevent confusion and keep them on your site.


2. Clearly Defined Purpose

Your website should be a reflection of your dance studio’s identity and offerings. You can and should put your mission statement front and center on your homepage and/or “About the Studio page”. Alternatively, you can use a slogan or tagline to get your mission across in a few short words.



Testimonial Graphics (800 x 700 px) (1)

3. Reviews and Testimonials

When considering taking dance classes at your studio, prospects will naturally seek assurance that they’re making the right choice. You can build trust and spread positivity by featuring testimonials and reviews from your satisfied dance families on your website, as well as any media recognition. Positive testimonials go a loooong way towards convincing potential customers!

4. Current Class Schedule

Clearly present your dance class schedule on your Schedule webpage, whether you format it as a table, provide it as a linked pdf, or embed it through your studio software service (such as Studio Director or Jackrabbit). How your schedule is presented is less important than making sure it’s always updated and displaying current information.


Dance families and prospects should be able to easily find information on class times, locations, and any specific prerequisites. Your Class Schedule page is also the #1 spot to include a prominent call-to-action to “Register Now”!

5. Pricing & Fees Transparency

Your prospects will inevitably wonder about the tuition and fees associated with your dance classes. Be transparent by providing information on your pricing, so potential clients can make informed decisions.


Are you uncomfortable including this information on your dance studio’s website? Not doing so could be a deal breaker for many website visitors, so take a deep breath and DO put tuition info in an easy to find spot on your site! You’ll be providing important information for those considering your studio, and those who can’t afford your prices will weed themselves out.

6. A Way to Stay Informed

For prospects, newbies, and dancers who resonate with your studio, make it easy for them to stay informed. Include pop-ups and/or inline forms for newsletter sign-ups as well as prominent social media icons and links to encourage continued engagement.

7. FRESH Content!

This one is easy to forget, but sooo important… Keep your content up to date!! Do small updates regularly to ensure that your upcoming events, class schedule, and faculty info are current. Do a fuller content review at least twice per year to ensure your website stays relevant. 


8. Varied Contact Options

Provide multiple ways for dance parents and prospects to reach you. Include your email address prominently on your site, of course, but also offer other contact methods like email, social media links, your phone number, and a user-friendly contact form. This way, no matter what their preference, people can easily reach out to you for guidance and answers to their questions. Bonus points if you decide to incorporate a chat box!

With these improvements in place, your dance studio website will more effectively convert curious visitors into enthusiastic registered dancers at your studio!


Best wishes to you and your studio,