Editing Your Dance Studio Photos

Would you like to crop and add effects to your dance studio’s photos before uploading them to your website, but don’t have an easy way to do so? I’ve found something that can help, and wanted to pass it along.

Pixlr.com/Editor is a free online photo and image editing tool. It can be used right in your browser with no downloads and is fantastic for quickly editing images. Especially if you’re able to make your own changes to your dance studio’s website, it can be a very useful and flexible tool.

To make sure it was easy to do before telling you about it, I tried making some basic changes to two dance studio photos – cropping, editing, adding a border, and adding a shadow.

NOTE:  It recently occurred to me that this info would be beneficial to our community at large, but these videos and information were originally created for our dance studio website design customers. If you’re not currently one of our customers, please ignore the couple of references in the videos to Simple2Edit, which is our content management system (developed for those who have websites designed by us). Besides those couple of references, the videos apply to everyone!

Video 1 – How to Crop and Resize a Dance Photo

Here are the Before & After Photos for Cropping and Resizing


Video 2 – How to Add a Border and Shadow to a Photo

Here are the Before & After Photos for Adding a Border and Shadow:

The Determination:
Was the program easy to use? Well, yes and no.The changes were really simple to make, once I knew how to make them, but figuring out how to make them took awhile. Which is pretty much true about everything, isn’t it? To keep your learning curve short and sweet, just bookmark the videos above for future reference.

The Conclusion:
If you’re looking to make quick image or photo adjustments and you don’t have access to a professional program like Photoshop, Pixlr.com/Editor is a fantastic free tool that is easy to use. I hope you find it useful!

The Disclaimer:
Please note that I’m not any sort of expert in Pixlr.com/Editor, nor are we affiliated with them in any way. Additional instructional videos can be readily found on YouTube, and they also have a help section.

Best wishes,




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