How to Choose an Effective Slogan for your Dance Studio

How to Choose an Effective Tagline

Do you have a dance studio slogan?

We’re all familiar with the slogans (otherwise known as taglines) that the big companies use. Slogans such as “Just Do It”, “The Good Hands People”, and “Got Milk?” have, like it or not, become a part of the American fabric.

But slogans are not just for large businesses. Smaller businesses, including dance studios and performing arts organizations, benefit greatly from the boost that a well-crafted tagline gives to a brand’s strength, visibility, and perceived value. A slogan done right will direct people to your dance school and promise an experience that can’t be duplicated anywhere else.

Make Your Dance Studio's Tagline Shine!

Some say that a slogan is more important than a logo or even your company name – and it is often overlooked. So how do you choose an effective slogan? Take the cue from your studio itself.

For example, if you’re proud that your dance studio has been around longer than any other in your town, use something like “Sharing the gift of dance since 1995.” Then consider adding your slogan to your logo. (Pro tip – It’s much better to choose “since 1995” rather than “for 25 years”. The former will remain true year after year, while the latter will need to be updated annually!)

Use your slogan as a tagline on all of your brochures, advertisements and invoices. Repeat it over and over again. More prospects will call you because they know what you do and what you’re about.

The best slogans are brief, repeatable and memorable.

Spend a little time brainstorming to determine what you want to communicate with your dance studio’s slogan. You may decide on one that emphasizes:

  • Your greatest benefit:
    “Professional dance with a joyful attitude”,
  • The feelings you want to evoke in your customers:
    “Become the dancer of your imagination”, or
  • The action you are trying to generate from your customers:
    “Join the dance revolution!”

You can even use a slogan to signify a change in the direction of your business. Danskin brand, for instance, has evolved from its dance heritage to providing active wear and casual wear for active everyday lifestyles. To reflect this change in concept, they’ve adopted the slogan – “Clothes for Living”. It may not be the catchiest slogan, but it does reposition the company into the mainstream clothing market.

After brainstorming, go through all of your ideas. Pull out those few you think have the best potential. Try to reduce longer ones to fewer words. Get input from as many people as possible.

Once you’ve made your decision, begin to think of your dance studio slogan as an extension of your business name, and a potential tool that will help your studio thrive. Update your studio website to incorporate it there, and begin referencing your slogan freely & often as you do business!

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