The Dance Studio Video Marketing Handbook

You may already be creating and publishing videos of your dancers in class or in performance, and perhaps you already have a professional promo video in place for your dance studio. But are you getting the most out of your videos?

If your class and performance videos reside only in your YouTube channel for your dance parents to enjoy once (and then forget), you’re missing a great opportunity. If your studio’s promo video is merely set into your homepage in the hopes that prospects will stumble onto it, you can do better!

In fact, used wisely, video marketing can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE in the growth of your studio.

How, you may ask?

Video marketing will help your dance studio increase online presence through appealing and easy-to-digest content. It can increase engagement, generate enthusiasm for your programs, improve website “stickiness”, and help your studio rank higher on search engines (whoot whoot!).

So how about you? Are you using videos to market your dance studio?
–          If YES, you’re in a rarefied group of studio owners and in a good position. Carry on!
–          If NO, well, you’re in the right place 😊. This guide has been created to help you do just that!

Let’s start by making sure we’re on the same page.

What Is Video Marketing?
In short, video marketing is the practice of planning, creating, publishing and promoting video content in an effort to promote a dance studio or other business.

Let’s Quickly Look at Three Key Video Marketing Statistics:

–          The world’s largest video platform, YouTube, is the 2nd most popular website in the United States and in fact, in the world (according to Semrush, as of June 2022)

–          86% of businesses now use video to help market their product and services (WyzOwl).

–          79% of non-video marketers say they expect to start using video as a marketing tool in 2022 (WyzOwl).

There’s little denying the pervasiveness of video in this day and age, or the high percentage of businesses using it to promote their products and/or services.

Happily, there is good news to be had here. Dance studios are behind the curve when it comes to video marketing, which means you can quite likely get ahead of your competitors by levelling up in this area!

And this handbook? Well, it’s a 6-part series that will show you how to use video to best effect for your dance studio.

This series shows how videos can help you leap ahead of your competition, plus guidelines for creating successful videos. You’ll discover how social videos are more beneficial than viral videos and how to ‘go social’. You’ll find out the most successful types of dance studio videos, and how to create a video plan. Lastly, you’ll learn how to incorporate it into your larger marketing plan.

Let’s get started! You can do these in order or go straight to the post of your choice 😊:

  1. Dance Studio Video Marketing Handbook (this post!)
  2. 5 Benefits of Video Marketing for Your Dance Studio
  3. What Are the Most Successful Types of Dance Studio Videos?
  4. Dance Studio Video Strategy Planner (With Printable Worksheets!)
  5. Setting Your Videos Up for Social Success
  6. Top 10 Secrets for Creating Amazing Dance Studio Video

You might be resisting using video to market your dance studio, but it’s a very effective strategy for those who embrace it. So…

Are you ready to level up? Yes? Then let’s add video to your studio marketing repertoire!
We’ll start with the first post in this series. Here are some of the many ways that video marketing can benefit your dance studio!

Best wishes to you & your studio,