Why you Should Improve the “Contact Us” Page on your Dance Studio’s Website

Improve the Contact page on your Dance Studio Website

The sad ol’ Contact Us page is usually the last thing on a dance studio owner’s mind when updating a website. Teacher bios are spruced up, and class schedules are, of course, consistently updated. News pages are kept fresh and Gallery pages made to shine. But it’s the Contact Us page that’s going to turn all that other website effort into new dancers coming through the studio doors. To make the most out of it, don’t simply throw a page up there and call it a day. Try these tips instead!

5 Tips for Writing “Contact Us” Webpage Content:

1. Greet people on your Contact Us page.

Depending on the search they did to get to your dance studio’s website, it’s possible for people to land on your Contact Us page without ever visiting another page of your site. Make it friendly and inviting by adding a welcome sentence or two, and prospects will be more likely to follow through.

2. Give people more than one way to contact you.

Optimize the Contact Us page on your dance studio websiteSome people email like it’s second nature, while others are more comfortable speaking on the phone with a real live person. Some people prefer filling out and sending a contact form, and this can be really good to have on the page since it keeps people from having to launch an email program to communicate with you. Give visitors a choice, and you’re likely to hear from more of them.

3. Include an interactive map.

Thanks to Google and Mapquest, it’s easy to embed a map onto a contact page. (Unless you have access to the coding of your website, though, you’ll need to contact your web designer with the request.) With a Google map, people can get an immediate sense of where your studio is located and customize it to get directions from where they are.

4. Add descriptive directions as well.

If there is anything tricky about getting to your dance school, for example, if it’s tucked behind another business or there are parking considerations, write down directions that will help newbies. This shows that you care about your dance parents and their experience, and really gets the relationship off on a good foot.

5. Include social media links… or Not?

The contact us page is a great place to list all of your social media channels in one place. People may enjoy seeing the different ways you connect with the public and even send you a message on Facebook. However, if your strong desire is for people to contact you from that page, social media icons can split their focus and thwart their follow through. Would you rather have them contact you, or follow you on Twitter?

Want a Facebook fan? Ask the person after they’ve submitted their Contact form. Your “thank you” page is the perfect place to share more ways to join your studio community.

In Conclusion:

Yes, you want your website to be warm, inviting, and informational, but its main purpose is as a dance studio marketing tool. If what is standing between you and new dancers is your Contact Us page, isn’t it worth a little attention?

Best wishes,

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