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Is your studio’s website helping or hurting you? Is it something you’re proud of or embarrassed about? If you’re in the market for a better dance studio website, we would love to help. 


With over 15 years’ experience building custom websites specifically for dance schools, gymnastics centers, and performing arts organizations, we have created hundreds of unique, appealing websites for studio owners just like you.


Please take a peek at our dance website portfolio over at Studio of, discover the features included with our standard website package, and find out about the costs involved.

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We would be happy to help you grow your studio through a fantastic new website!

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What Some Of Our Lovely Customers Have Said About Working With Studio Of Dance.Com:

“Favorite part was their ability to discern the look I was wanting without me having to take the time to search and research other websites. If you’re a business owner, you simply don’t have that kind of time. I sent an email with just about three sentences of my preferences! Really creative, intuitive and knowledgable about what is ‘hot’ right now.”

Dr. Dencie Lee of Dencie Lee School of Performing Arts in Mont Belvieu, TX


“I loved the openness and interest they demonstrated in getting to know my studio. How I do things. Who we are. What we do. They really listened. That is priceless! DO IT NOW!!! Best marketing decision!”

Mariana de Ezcurra of Mariana’s Dancing Studio in Ipswich, MA

You can read more on our Testimonials pageFeel free to make contact, and let us know your questions and needs!