Do the Photos on your Dance Studio’s Website Tell a Story? Should They?

Do the Photos on your Dance Studio Website Tell a Story

Try telling a story with a few of your website’s photos. For example, when a four-year-old dancer is smiling in a photo, the message is: ‘this dancer is happy’, and that’s a good thing. But a little girl in a dance costume, holding flowers and surrounded by her appreciative family says so much more. Her beaming smile now imparts, “I’ve just had so much fun at my first dance recital and feel loved and happy (all because of my dance studio).”

Likewise, a photo of a girl in tendu at the bar says, ‘this girl is taking a dance class’. Add a dance teacher correcting the child with obvious care, and the message becomes “this dance student is being instructed by a qualified, compassionate teacher. Someone is paying attention to her and showing her they care.”

young girls learning to dance

What’s wrong with Photo A above?
Absolutely nothing – it’s lovely, actually. But Photo B has more depth to it. Two young girls, likely sisters, dancing with their attentive teacher. Is this the little one’s first ballet class? Does she want to dance to be like her older sister? There’s a story there, and considering it, however briefly, gives visitors a warm feeling about your studio in a way that a flat but pretty photo can’t. Should ALL of your website photos tell a story? Of course not, but adding a few into the mix is a great idea.

Telling a story with your photos adds positive emotions into the mix — emotions that will connect new visitors to your studio in a deeper way and quite possibly, trigger them to take action.

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