How to Improve Your Dance Studio Website’s Google Ranking

Improve Your Dance Studio Website's Google Ranking

SEO for Dance Studio Websites: Title Tags

If your site isn’t coming up as high as you’d like in Google and the other search engines, take a look at your title tags. A title tag is the is the main text that describes a webpage – it tells search engines what your page is about. Title tags appear in browser title bars/tabs, and on search engine results pages. Like this:

Title tags are the single most important SEO (search engine optimization) element besides your overall content, and so tweaking them can help your dance studio’s website ranking.

A great title tag includes the most important keywords for your site and is relevant to the topic of the page. In this context, keywords mean: “specific terms used by a person to search for something on the internet”.

Here’s an example of a good homepage title tag:

“Drop-in dance studio for adults in Seattle, WA – Westlake Dance Center”.

If an adult in the Seattle area is looking to take dance classes, she/he would probably type in words like ‘dance studio’, Seattle, and adults, and Westlake Dance Center would likely show up nice and high in this scenario.

In our experience, some of the most important keywords to include are: dance, dance studio, dance classes, dance school, your city’s name, your state abbreviation, and the types of classes you teach.

Here’s How to Re-Do Your Title Tags:

If you decide to redo your title tags, you can start by creating a fresh text document on your computer. Then go to each of your website’s pages, and consider their title tags – are they accurate and concise descriptions of each page’s content? Do they include the most important keywords for each webpage? The ones you feel good about, leave alone.

If a webpage has a title tag you think is sub-par, write the name of the page in your text doc. Next to it, write out a new title tag. For best results, place your most important keywords for the page as close to the beginning of the title as possible.

Repeat this process as you go through all of your website’s pages — those that have decent title tags, leave alone. Those that need a revamp, revise in the text document.

For example:

Revised Homepage title –
Drop-in dance studio for adults in Seattle, WA – Westlake Dance Center

Revised Class Schedule page title –
Dance classes at Seattle’s premier dance studio: Ballet – Modern – Hip Hop – Tap – Lyrical

You’ve Got Your New Title Tags – Now What Do You Do With Them?

You may be able to change your title tags yourself through a content management system, but if not, you’ll need to send them to your website designer. If you take care of re-writing your title tags and send them to your designer ready to go, it will be a relatively quick and easy change for them to make, and so shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

You can likely also pay them for their input, and/or have them write optimized title tags for your studio, at a higher cost.

NOTE: If you’re a Studio of website design customer, please note that changing title tags is not something you can do yourself with Simple2Edit. However, it won’t take long for us to update your title tags at our hourly rate (it would likely take just 30 minutes). Send your freshly optimized title tags my way, and we’ll get that done for you.

If you’re not yet showing up on the first page of Google with the keywords “dance studio” + your city (or are concerned that other studios may usurp your position), then it’s worth taking the time to revamp your title tags.

And the good news is – few studios are doing this, so it could really make a difference!

Best wishes,

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