Boost Your Studio’s Enrollment with Compelling Call-to-Action Buttons

Hello dance studio owners! Whether you’re promoting your upcoming fall dance season on your website or diving into paid ads, your calls-to-action (CTAs) can be the ultimate game-changer or well… a bit of a stumble.


A persuasive CTA has the power to sway even the most cautious prospects and dance families, but it’s not just about offering an enticing motivation to click—it’s about speaking the language of your readers.


Ready for some effective strategies for crafting compelling call-to-action buttons? By the end of this read, you’ll have actionable insights to jazz up your CTAs and boost enrollment at your dance studio.

1. Strike the Right Chord with 'I Want to...' Approach

Imagine your CTAs with an ‘I want to…’ start. It’s like giving your dancers a direct invitation. Here’s how it works:


Think about the actions your prospects are most likely to want to take. Is it common for them to want to know whether specific class times will fit with their family’s schedule? In their words they might say: “I want to take a look at the class schedule”. With the “I want to…” approach, you just remove those 3 words and use the rest as your CTA. In this instance, your call to action would be “Take a Look at Our Class Schedule!”


You’re not actually beginning with “I want to…” but you’re capturing that vibe. For instance:

  • Reserve My Spot
  • Learn About Summer Dance Programs
  • Snag My Free Trial Class
  • Buy My Recital Tickets Now

You get bonus points if you include the word “my” to make it personal. Doing so is like inviting dancers into your studio and making them feel right at home.

2. Keep it Short, Punchy, and Clear

Remember, it’s not about quantity but quality. Short and snappy CTAs can make real impact. Aim for three to four words—maybe a tad more, but not much.


The goal is crystal-clear clarity. Your prospects should know what’s happening with one click. Sure, you’ve got the dance details in your emails and website copy, but your CTA buttons should be a straightforward invitation.

3. Test & Tweak

But wait—don’t create your CTAs in a vacuum! Split testing (aka: bucket testing or A/B testing) can greatly improve your results. With split testing, you compare two different versions of a call-to-action to determine which is a better performer. Adjust and test again as needed in order to improve conversions. This can definitely mean more new dancers through your doors. Think of it like choreographing—if a step doesn’t fit the bill, you adjust until it’s successful.


Split testing is easiest to do when using services such as Leadpages for landing pages, or advertising through Facebook, which offers many ways to test the performance of your ads, even before they go live.


Subtle tweaks such as adjusting button placements, colors, and wording can mean the difference between a CTA that is ignored and one that is used often. Small changes can yield big results!

4. Rock Mobile Responsiveness

You might be surprised, but many studio owners still haven’t fine-tuned their sites for use on mobile devices. Big mistake! People are tapping and swiping on their phones like never before. Let’s keep them on track.

First of all, if your dance studio’s website is not yet responsive, it’s time for a redesign! Once your site is mobile-friendly, test how it looks on mobile by exploring it on your own phone. Your CTA buttons should be easy to tap and not stop people shorten route to registration.

Mobile users should be able to move through the process towards and through registration just as easily as those viewing your website on a laptop!

Time to Shine

Ok, it’s showtime! With a little care and tweaking, your CTAs can help your enrollment
numbers reach new heights. Put these tips to the test and you’ll be tending to one of
the most important pieces of your dance studio’s sales funnel!


Best wishes to you and your studio,