You’ve got a great looking studio website – full of content and constantly updated.* But do people know where to go so they can connect and interact with you? If not, they’ll need to look your dance studio up in a search engine. And as we all know, it’s super easy to get distracted when looking something up online.

Do your students/parents/prospects a favor, and save them the step of having to Google your studio name. Place your website address on everything… postcards and fliers, plus invoices, business cards, letterhead, stickers, phone mail messages and anything else you can think of, envelopes included. It doesn’t cost a penny more to add your website address, and it will mean more traffic to your studio’s site.

This is especially important if your name is a fairly common one, like Center Stage Dance or the Dance Factory. You may be the only Impact Dance in your community, but nationwide? Not even close. There are studios with the same name in Arizona, Illinois, California, Colorado, Washington, and Georgia, and that’s just on the first page of Google. Of course people in your community will be able to search you out, but if they see your website address everywhere, they may not need to look it up in the first place.

Twenty years ago, it was a dance studio’s name and phone number that needed to be listed everywhere. Today a studio’s website address has become more important than the telephone number. Most people will visit your website to decide whether to call you regarding classes for their children.

You want your students, parents, and prospects to visit your website regularly. Make it easy for them to remember the address and keep coming back!

* You do have fresh content on your site, right? If not, schedule in time to make updates to your site… I know it’s tough to find the time, but you can do it!