A Tip on How to Make Your Dance Studio Website Easy to Navigate!

How to Make Your Dance Studio Website Easy to Navigate

This dance marketing tip is a follow-up to last week’s post on “Navigation Bar Best Practices for your Dance Studio’s Website”


Avoid “Mystery Meat” Navigation!

Remember, your website navigation is not for you – it’s for your visitors, including new prospects. Don’t use language that only your dancers and their parents will understand on your navigation bar! For example, while it may seem entirely obvious to you that the nav bar heading ‘Shooting Starlets’ refers to your junior competitive team, it’s likely to confuse many new prospects.

Make your website easy to navigateKeep in mind that most people aren’t as familiar with the dance industry as you are, and that by using terms only dancers will understand, you may alienate newcomers to your website. If you think newbies to the dance world won’t know what you mean, try rewording it (for example: from ‘Shooting Starlets’ to ‘Jr. Comp Team’). It’s super smart to have a non-dancer friend or relative do a double check, too — the feedback can be enlightening!

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