10 Ways to Market Your Studio Through Your Newsletter

10 Ways to Market Your Studio Through Your Newsletter

Do you send out and post a monthly studio newsletter? Some people feel newsletters are passé, but they can effectively help you reach out to existing (and potential) students and their parents.

Here are 10 ways to market your studio through your newsletter:

  1. Promote new classes,
  2. Show people how great your studio is,
  3. Provide coupons and advertise specials,
  4. Publicize your performances and events,
  5. Notify dancers/parents about changes in your hours or class schedule,
  6. Introduce new teachers,
  7. Tell students and parents the latest news (Mrs. Donna had her baby!),
  8. Announce a new location, website redesign, or studio remodel
  9. Share your insights about dance and performance
  10. Share a dance-related news item, such as National Dance Day or your review of a current dance film,

    Heck, I’m on a roll! Here’s an 11th:

  11. Include a biography of a famous dancer or choreographer

Arguably, not all of these are ways to market your studio — some items are simply informative or entertaining. But these make for a well-rounded newsletter, one that people will read.

What do you write about in your dance studio’s newsletter? I’d love to hear of anything that is particularly well-received by your students or their parents!