Do you have a birthday party offering in place? If not, I’d recommend considering it as a way to bring in additional revenue for your studio. Creating more than one source of revenue is a smart move for small businesses, and for dance studios, birthday parties can be an excellent fit.

Here are a couple of fun and fresh ideas to keep the birthday girl and her friends interested and excited!

Idea #1: Free & Fun

Dance studio marketing ideas - Life size ballerina cutoutCreating ballerina paper dolls is a fun activity, and you can do so using the following templates from Click on the links below to view and print out the templates… instructions are included on each sheet.


Idea #2: Not Free, but Fabulous!

Ok, this is just awesome… a life-size cutout for use not only with birthday parties, but for other events as well. If you do a mall performance, for example, it would be fun to have the cutout there for spectators to take their photos with after the show. What a great way to associate positive energy with your studio, and to get newbies to start seeing themselves as dancers!

Click here to view the life-size cutout, which is from

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