More Reasons for Prospects to Choose your Dance Studio

Reasons for Prospects to Choose your Dance Studio

One way for a business not only to survive but thrive is to focus on the secondary benefits already offered to its’ customers. In business terms, these are called “value-added” enhancements. Chances are good that you already have many in place at your studio. Making your customers and prospects aware of them gives them all the more reason to choose your studio over the others in your area.

Dance studios benefit by focusing on value added enhancements

Think about it for a minute. What other than a dance education do you give your students? These are your value added enhancements.

Value-Added Examples:

  • Does your studio give mall or county fair performances?
    You’re also providing your students with opportunities to perform in front of live audiences, and the boost of self confidence that can provide.
  • Do you involve your students in community fund raisers?
    In doing so, they are learning to give back to their neighborhoods.
  • Do you throw an annual studio slumber party or picnic?
    You’re also helping to develop friendships in your students, friendships based at least in part around their common love of dance.
  • Do some of your older dancers assist in the classes of young students?
    You’re teaching them how to communicate effectively, care for others and to be leaders.
  • Do you preach good nutritional habits and overall fitness?
    You’re helping to buck the national trend of overweight and underactive children. The more dance classes taken, the better!

Showcasing additional benefits can help a dance studio succeed in a highly competitive marketplace. If you identify and feature some of your “value-added” benefits, you’ll help set your studio apart from the competition.

What are your studio’s value-added enhancements? Any thoughts on this topic? I’d love to hear! Please post any comments in the section below.

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