Relocating your Dance Studio? 7 Tips for a Successful Transition

Relocating your Dance Studio

Moving your dance studio’s location means a whole lot of work, but it can also dramatically benefit your business. You might be moving to a larger space to anticipate and support growth, or you might be downgrading in order to save money.  You might be moving to a better location to improve visibility and/or to reach new neighborhoods of potential dancers.  Whatever your reason, following these tips will help the move to your new studio space go smoothly.

7 Tips for a Successful Dance Studio Move:

    1. Relocating your dance studioAdvertise the news on your website
      Your website is an obvious place to put a big announcement about your dance studio’s move. Be sure to embed a Google or Mapquest map onto the site, and a link from which parents can get directions to the new studio space. Add a photo of the new studio building, along with progress reports and additional photos (photos of the new barres going in, for example, or a group of volunteer dancers/parents painting the studio office). These things will not only keep people informed but get them excited!

    2. Speak enthusiastically and often about the move with your current students/parents
      Mentioning the move earnestly and often will keep you from losing many customers, if any, because they’ll feel a part of the transition. Remember that your dancers and dance parents are moving with you — keep them in the loop, and you’ll keep them happy! One great way to keep people informed is through social media. Facebook, for example, is a great place to put updates on how things are going: “We painted the studios today – looks awesome. Thanks to all who came out to help!”

    3. Use your relocation as a publicity tool
      Use the move as an opportunity to point out the success of your business – for example, you’ve outgrown your current studio space, you’re expanding, you’re moving to a more convenient location for your customers, or you’re moving in order to give your customers more of what they want (such as a larger parking lot). Even if there are reasons you desperately want out of your current space, putting a positive spin on the event puts a positive spin on your dance studio. 

    4. Tie a special in with the move
      Tying a special in with the move may help you get new dancers in the door. You can pass out flyers in the new neighborhood (if your new location is the same neighborhood as the old location, I’d do it anyway), with something like “In celebration of our new location, we’re offering insert special here to any new dancers who sign up before this date”. Being new to the area gives you a built-in excuse to introduce yourself around without seeming pushy, and the ‘news’ of a new studio location makes it true even if you’re just moving a block away. And remember your current dancers/dance parents who are making the move with you. Offer them a special discount or free gift when they sign up for summer classes. Even something small, such as a free bumper sticker with the studio’s name on it, will let them know you’re thinking of them and appreciate their business. 

    5. Where is it, exactly? Be sure to clearly communicate your new location
      Besides the physical address of your new dance studio space, it’s helpful to mention an easily understandable reference point such as “in the Target shopping center” or “next door to Holden’s Restaurant.” Have clear signage at your new location well in advance, or as early as the landlord will allow. 

    6. Update your address online
      You may have updated your studio’s address on your website, but is that the only instance of it on the internet? Doubtful. As soon as you know where your new location will be, update any online directory listings you have. Also update your Google My Business listing, so your studio will show correctly on the Google map when people do searches for dance studios in their area. Then do a Google search for your old studio address. You’ll likely be surprised at the number of websites your studio shows up on. Spend an hour or two making address changes on as many of those sites as possible. Make sure that when people see your address on the internet, they are seeing your studio’s new location! 

    7. Update your address offline, and your marketing tools along with it
      Reprint brochures and marketing materials with your new address. Since you’ll need to have new promo materials created because of the new address, it’s a great time to freshen them up and make them fabulous! Revamping your logo, graphics, and/or promo pieces might be a little more costly, but it might be just the thing your studio needs right now. Get some quotes to see how much more this might cost, and then decide which pieces are worth revamping. 


    Communicate to your existing customers not only where your studio is moving to, but why, and you’ll increase the chances they’ll move with you. Use the move as an opportunity to announce your dance studio to a new neighborhood, and you’ll increase the number of dancers walking through your door. You’re going through the trouble of moving to a new location — why not use it as an occasion to turn over a new leaf and get a fresh start?

    Congratulations on the studio move, and much success to you!

    Best wishes,