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Having designed websites for dance studios and performing arts organizations for over 20 years, I can comfortably say I’m an expert in dance studio website design, tools, and best practices. 😊 

Below you’ll find a list of helpful posts from this blog, as well as a number of juicy tools and resources I can heartily recommend!

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Dance Website Freebies & Products​

Custom Dance Studio Website Design​

•Does your studio’s current website make you cringe?
•Or are you a new dance studio wanting to start things off right?

We would love to help you grow your studio through a fantastic new website!

At Studio Of Dance.com (our main business), we create beautiful, user-friendly, professional responsive websites for dance studios and performance arts organizations.

Calls-To-Action Workbook (Free)

Are you wanting to increase enrollment at your dance studio through your website, but not sure how to do so? One of the first things I’d recommend is to improve your website’s calls-to-action.


Click below to get a (Free!) Calls-to-Action Guide + Workbook, featuring juicy tips and actionable steps that can lead more site visitors to and through registration!

Learn the Secrets of a Dance Studio Website Designer!

In this free 5-part email series called “Secrets of a Dance Studio Website Designer”, you’ll learn how to improve your existing studio website, which can lead to more eyeballs on your website and increased enrollment.

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Web Design Prep Guide

Planning to embark upon a website redesign for your dance studio? With a little planning, you can be confident your new website will not only be gorgeous, but that it will capture qualified leads and move prospects handily towards registering for your dance programs.


This guide + workbook shows you the important steps to planning and prepping for a successful dance studio website redesign. Click below to learn more and download!

Webpage Content Worksheets

Not sure what specific content should exist on your dance studio’s website? Whether you’re planning a website redesign or wanting to improve the content on your existing site (more & better content can mean a better ranking in search listings!), this is the item for you.


Click the button below to learn about this guide w/worksheets, which shows you exactly the type of content to put on your homepage plus 16 of the most common pages found on dance studio websites.

SEO Checklist

Are you frustrated that your dance studio’s website isn’t showing up nice & high in the search engine listings? It can be a challenge to improve your ranking, especially if neighboring studios are doing a great job with their own search engine optimization.


Use my #1 DIY search engine optimization tip to begin fixing this problem! Click the button below for a (FREE) SEO Checklist and instructions to get you started. 

Top Website Tools

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I host this blog on HostGator and we host many of our web design customers’ websites on HostGator as well. We remain with HostGator because it’s known to have the best customer support (which is important to us) and it’s the fastest of the three we’ve tried out.


At $2.95USD/month to start with the basic plan, Bluehost is a very reasonably priced, hosting service that is almost never down and has excellent 24-7 customer service, a free SSL certificate for security. NOTE: We’ve never personally used Bluehost, but have heard only good things.


There are a TON of domain name companies out there, and I assume that almost all of them will do a decent job of selling you a URL. We buy and manage our domain names using GoDaddy. Why? Honestly, we started with them and it’s easy to use, so we’ve never had reason to change. 🙂


If you’re a DIY-er, you may want to consider using Squarespace to build your dance studio’s website. Squarespace is simple, straight-forward, and easy to use. While simplicity and a limited number of features can make life easy, it can also make life, well, limited, and that’s the downside to Squarespace. Still, very worth considering if you’re on a shoestring!​


If you’re preferring to use WordPress to build your own dance studio website, I’d recommend checking out Envato Marketplace. Envato is an online community for creative assets, tools and talent. I used Envato Elements to find and buy my WordPress theme for this blog. They have a ton of options that are fun to look through & select from.

Studio Software

We coordinate studio owners’ websites with their studio software service for online scheduling and registration, and so we knew Studio Director and Jackrabbit to be the most used options among our customers. Still, I didn’t expect this to become quite such a two-company race! Because they service the vast majority of the survey takers, I’ve focused primarily on them in this newsletter, but they’re not the only players.

Other studio software services include (but are not limited to) Akada/Danceworks, MindBody, Dance Studio Pro, and ClassJuggler. 

Top Studio Software Tools

Jackrabbit Dance

Jackrabbit Dance is a reliable and robust dance studio management software that helps studio owners take control of their businesses. Many of our website design customers use them for online scheduling and registration.

Studio Director

Studio Director is the other studio management software most commonly used by our web design customers. With our dance studio software you can manage the complete enrollment process, automate your billing and payments, view records and reporting, and offer flexible scheduling.