Social Media and Dance Studios – Dance Studio Owners Weigh In

Social Media and Dance Studios

We asked our dance studio website customers about their experiences using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in conjunction with their websites. More and more are using these social media, with varying results and success. Here were some comments:

“Facebook really connects us to our parents – and the kids love it!”
-A studio owner in Ohio

“The privacy issues that keep coming up tend to steer me away from using Facebook.”
-A studio owner in Oregon

“It gives the studio more exposure on the web and my tween/teen students love the exposure of seeing their pics/videos, etc. on the Facebook fan page.”
-A studio owner in NY

“I would be concerned that negative comments or complaints would be posted for all to see, and would rather that my clients come to me personally so that I can work them out with the individual.”
-A studio owner in NE

“It’s a good marketing tool, plus keeps everyone in the loop fast as many people get this on their cell phones.”
-A studio owner in NY

“I am learning to use Twitter and blogging more. It is time consuming for me, but my students put things on for me very quickly.”
-A different studio owner in NY

“Facebook is annoying now, and Twitter is driving me nuts!!!!”
-A studio owner in England

“It hardly takes any time at all to update FB and Twitter. Maybe 5 minutes a day. I do it from bed before I get up 🙂 ”
-A studio owner in CO

“I do put videos on youTube – but limited as anyone can see the videos, and some parents don’t want their little ones in a video for everyone to see.”
-A studio owner in NY

“The dancers like to see themselves dance and see how many “hits” the dance has on YouTube. It boosts their self esteem and creates pride for their studio.”
-A studio owner in KS

What social media, if any, are you using for your dance studio? Are your students loving it? Do you get a lot of interest? Is it driving you crazy, or are you taking it in stride?