What Is Email Marketing & What Can It Do for Your Dance Studio?

What Is Email Marketing for Dance Studios

Email marketing is one of the most important things any dance studio can do. There, I’ve said it!

If you inadvertently rolled your eyes when reading that, please note that I’m NOT talking about old-school monthly studio newsletters, the kind that simply outline upcoming studio events for existing dance families – but rather a cost-effective, efficient method to gain fresh leads and convert those leads into enrolled dancers.

What Makes Email Marketing Different Than the Studio Newsletters of Yore?

As opposed to monthly studio newsletters sent to existing dance families, email marketing involves building and using a mailing list with fresh leads.

Just to make sure we’re on the same page, here are a couple of quick definitions

A mailing list? It’s simply a list of people who have given you permission to email them. And email marketing? Email marketing is using your mailing list strategically to encourage interaction with your readers and to grow your studio.

With Email Marketing, You Can Do the Following:

  • Build your mailing list steadily and continuously with minimal effort
  • Share your dance expertise and establish yourself as an expert in the art
  • Positively influence the image that people have of your dance studio
  • Build a longstanding and trustworthy relationship with your readers
  • Remind readers of the benefits of your classes and programs
  • Push more traffic to your dance studio website
  • Move leads through your sales funnel towards registering for your programs
  • Promote upcoming dance programs and events
  • Offer incentives to readers for registering

Simply put, with a good mailing list, you can keep and hold people’s attention and get more new dancers through your doors. 

Now For the The Tricky Part!

The benefits of email marketing sound pretty great, do you agree? But there’s a reason this technique is used by only a small percentage of dance studios. Once in place, it’s a relatively easy and fun way to promote your dance studio, but I’m not going to lie – It takes some doing to get email marketing set up. 


Here’s a quick breakdown of the steps involved in setting up email marketing for dance studios, and I’ve added below a few blogposts and tools to make it easier for you to get started!.


This is the bare minimum you’ll need in order to gather email addresses, so that you can reach out to leads and turn them into customers.

1. Select and sign up for an email service that offers the tools you’ll need (here’s a post about that!)
2. Create an opt-in for your website (a popup or inline form to gather mailing list subscribers)
3. Write and set up your double opt-in, thank you page, and welcome email (get your free welcome email templates here!)


Now you’re talking! At this level, you’re developing a relationship with your readers, sharing your expertise and how your studio can serve their needs, and encouraging them to enroll.

4. Create a freebie (aka: lead magnet) to compel visitors to sign up
5. Write and automate an email series to stay top of mind with those who are in decision mode


At this level you’re taking full advantage of email marketing. For example, you can target emails about your ballet intensive to people who signed up through your ballet page, and send a special acro classes offering to those who signed up through your acro page. You can also coordinate your email marketing with your Facebook ads and/or landing pages.

6. Personalize emails, so that people receive emails specific to their dance program interests
7. Use email marketing in conjunction with Facebook ads and/or landing pages

Here are the steps involved in email marketing

Does email marketing sound like a LOT to put into place? Want to learn how to get your studio’s first campaign in place? Click here for the 50-page guide + workbook!

When I started Studio of Dance.com, back in ye olden times, simply having a website for your dance studio put you way above the competition. A decent website was the only online marketing tool needed. Those days now sound like a quaint and much easier time.

Today, to stay competitive, you have to stay in front of your prospects and customers and communicate with them regularly. In doing so, you can remind them of your dance expertise, the value of your classes and programs, and your studio’s standing in the community. It’s how you can stay top of mind with those who are in decision mode and get more new dancers through your doors!!

Best wishes,