Why Should Newbies Choose Your Dance Studio?

Why Should Newbies Choose Your Dance Studio

Quick! Can you describe this very second what makes your studio unique from others in your area? What sets you apart from your competitors? If you know and stress your studio’s strengths, you’ll give dancers/dance parents a reason to initially choose your studio, even if it’s a longer drive, or even if your classes cost a little more than the studio that’s just around the corner from them. You’ll also give them a reason to stay with your studio for the long haul. A greater sense of loyalty emerges when a dancer understands and buys into a studio’s clearly defined philosophy.

For example, if a prospective student wants to someday compete and succeed at a high level of dance, and you proudly feature your competition team and their accomplishments in your brochure, on your website, and in your press releases, the newbie will feel more compelled to join your studio. And later, when talking to their friends at school, they’ll feel extra pride and enthusiasm when talking about their experiences. Pride and enthusiasm that may well encourage their friends to start dancing with you too!

If competition is an important part of your studio’s identity, but ISN’T given any special marketing emphasis, how will a new student (and/or their parents) see you as the obvious choice for them? The same, of course, goes for studios that are special for nurturing the needs of very young dancers, being on a professional track, or offering fun recreational dance classes for all ages.

Think about what makes your studio unique, and let it set you apart from the pack!