Quick!! Name a Reason Why People Should Visit Your Dance Studio’s Website!

Why Should People Visit Your Dance Studio Website

It’s unlikely that people will visit your website without any reason. Sometimes curiosity is reason enough, and with a new or newly revised studio website, it often is. You can only claim “new website” for so long, though, so it’s smart to come up with other ways to pull new visitors into your site and entice them to return.

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Give people reasons to visit your studio’s website!


Here are some good reasons you can give to compel people to visit your dance studio website:

For current students and/or their parents –

  • Put out notices with a reason plus extra incentive to go online – “Register online today – The first 5 students to register online will receive a free studio t-shirt”
  • Try sending brief email teasers – “New recital photos are online — go to (www.ourstudio.com) to see your children on their big night!”
  • Put a sign on the front desk with special offers accessible from your website – “Go online to join our new Referral Program and earn class discounts”

For new and prospective dance students –

  • Offer valuable free information. Examples of this include: clear and concise descriptions of dance styles, articles with helpful tips, such as “Nutrition for Teens: Helping Your Kids Eat Healthier”, or a calendar of local events and festivals.
  • Add more photos to your website, as prospective students are sure to be impressed (and want to be featured in an online photo themselves someday).
  • Remember to offer an online coupon, which will help prospects take the jump from interested party to dedicated member of your studio family.

If you look at your dance studio’s site from a customer’s point of view and don’t see reasons to visit and return, create some! Studio websites that go beyond being an advertisement by offering quality information and extras are more likely to get and retain visitors. This can mean more eyeballs on your website and more dancers in your studio.

Best wishes!

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