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From the blog, under Studio Website Strategies:

Using Content to Bring in New Dancers

What types of content will drive more traffic to your dance studio’s website?

Having solid, unique content on your website not only builds your reputation in the community and positive relationships with your prospects and customers, it generates more traffic to your studio’s site in the first place.

Most dance studios have yet to discover and use this technique. But we’ve got you covered!

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From the blog, under Dance Studio Marketing:

How to Get Prizewinning Testimonials

Using testimonials the right way will convince new prospects of the benefits of their children taking class at your dance studio and bring more new dancers coming through your studio’s doors.

But how do you get testimonials that will benefit your school the most?

Here’s the strategy for obtaining high quality testimonials and then using them to the very best advantage on your website and social channels.

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Make Your Dance Studio's Tagline Shine!

From the blog, under Dance Studio Branding:

Choosing an Effective Studio Slogan

Dance studios can benefit greatly from the boost that a well-crafted tagline gives to a brand’s strength, visibility, and perceived value. A slogan done right will direct people to your dance studio and promise an experience that can’t be duplicated anywhere else.

Some say that a slogan is more important than a logo or even your company name – and it is often overlooked. So how do you choose an effective slogan?

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  • How do I raise my ranking in the search engines?

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