3 Quick Tips to Optimize your Studio Website’s Title Tags

Optimize your Studio Websites Title Tags

Did you get a chance to read my blogpost on how to improve your dance studio’s website ranking by optimizing your title tags? It gives you the lowdown on title tags, and an easy method to make them FABULOUS.

Here are 3 quick additional tips on improving your title tags:

Improve your studio's title tags1. Use a different title for each page
For best results, use a different title for each page. A good title tag for an ‘About the Classes’ page might be: “Ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and lyrical dance classes in Seattle, WA”. A nice title tag for an Online Registration page could be: “Register online for dance classes or summer dance programs”. You get the idea.

2. Don’t put your studio’s name at the front of your title tag
Putting your studio’s name in your title tags may be a mistake. Why? If your studio’s name is Figtree Academy of Ballet and that is the full title tag of your homepage, newbie parents searching for a studio in your area would have to type in ‘Figtree’, ‘Academy’, and/or ‘Ballet’ for your title tag to do you any good. If they don’t yet know your studio exists, how will they know to type your business name in a search query?

A better choice would be a title tag that says, “Dance classes in Springdale, CA – The #1 Dance Studio in Corvallis County”. You can certainly add ‘Figtree Academy of Ballet’ to the end of it, but those more important keywords should be at the front.

The exception to this would be those of you whose studios happen to have the exact same name as the keywords parents are likely to type in, for example: ‘The Dance Studio’, or ‘Roseville Dance School’.

3. Make sure not to keyword stuff!
Using keywords is fantastic. There is a difference, though, between using keywords judiciously in a title tag, and ‘keyword stuffing’. It’s pretty self explanatory, but a keyword-stuffed title might look something like this:

‘Dance with us in our dance studio – Dance classes for dancers who love to dance!’

Google might view that title tag as trying to manipulate a better ranking by just repeating the word ‘dance’ a lot. There’s no hard and fast rule as to how many times you can use a word in a title… a couple of times should be fine. Just use your common sense!

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