How to Guide Visitors Through Your Dance Studio’s Website and Towards Enrollment

A successful dance studio website should be engaging, informative, and ultimately lead visitors to become registered dance families. More than just a pretty face, your website should be an integral part of your dance studio’s sales funnel.

Even if you have a clear sales funnel, though, website visitors can be stopped short by a website that is not user-friendly. Here are some key website strategies that will help guide potential dancers seamlessly through your website and towards enrollment.

First Impression

Your studio’s website has a just a few seconds to capture and captivate viewers right off the bat. Swift page loads, smooth transitions, and a coherent layout will mean your prospects get a quick sense of your studio and easily understand what it offers. If they have a hassle-free experience, it will leave them with a positive first impression and encourage them to explore further.


  • Optimize your website’s page loading speed for a seamless experience
  • Maintain a coherent layout on all pages
  • Put your most important information “above the fold” (the portion of a webpage that is visible to users without the need for scrolling)

Photos & Graphics

In the visual realm, showcase your studio’s offerings clearly. Use images that resonate with potential dancers, allowing them to envision themselves as part of your dance community. Ideally, every photo should tell a story that appeals to your target audience.


  •  Choose clear, vibrant, and focused images
  • Choose photos that will speak directly to the interests and aspirations of potential dancers
  • Don’t be afraid to supplement your own images with stock photos that match your
    studio’s offerings and vibe


Choose fonts that align with your dance studio’s brand and then maintain consistency throughout your website. Consistent use of fonts for headings, paragraphs and buttons will create a cohesive and professional visual identity.


  • Opt for fonts that reflect your studio’s brand and personality
  • Be consistent in your font use across different elements
  • Use only 2 fonts for your website and then vary font size, weight and color to emphasize your most important text


  • Select colors strategically to attract and connect with your ideal customers. Use a limited color palette consistently across the website (and your ads and promo pieces!) to guide viewers’ attention and create a cohesive visual experience.
  • Needing to create (or update) a color palette for your studio? Check out this blogpost!


Create a balanced and easy-to-navigate layout by allowing sufficient space between design elements. Consistency in spacing ensures a clean and visually appealing studio website that potential dancers can navigate effortlessly.


Learn how to use white space for a clean, appealing, and effective dance studio website.


  • Ensure a balanced layout with ample space
  • Use consistent spacing to enhance visual appeal and ease of navigation


Highlight your dance studio’s credibility through social proof. Incorporate powerful testimonials and positive reviews, showcasing your studio’s excellent offerings and positive community presence. Make the feedback relatable and reassuring to potential dancers.


Learn how to create prizewinning testimonials here!


  • Feature testimonials and reviews prominently
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials from your dance families, especially after a successful event such as a dance recital or competition
  • Do grab reviews from your Facebook page or Google business listing to use on your website

Calls to Action

Guide visitors seamlessly towards becoming customers by providing clear calls to action. Doing so will help parents know what steps to take next. Be consistent in the placement of your most important calls to action (which are likely “Register Now!” and “Contact Us”) across your website.


Click here for a FREE Calls-to-Action Guide + Workbook, featuring juicy tips and actionable steps that can lead more of your website’s visitors to and through registration!


  • Craft clear and consistent calls to action
  • Clearly instruct potential dancers on the next steps to engage with your studio
  • Use internal hyperlinks as well as call-to-action buttons

Trust & Relatability

Build trust through your website’s design, content tone, and overall atmosphere. Your website should reflect the reliability and warmth of your dance studio, creating a connection that instills confidence in potential dancers. One way to do this is to share the studio owner’s personal story and/or a quote from each of your teachers on your Faculty page.


  • Infuse authenticity into the website’s design
  • Ensure the website reflects the studio’s personality
  • Keep your website content fresh and current. Update it often!


End the viewer’s page journey on a high note by utilizing the footer effectively. Include a clear call to action, plus links to your class schedule, registration and contact pages, encouraging potential dancers to explore further.


  • Make the footer a valuable navigation tool
  • Ensure the footer contributes to the overall positive experience
  • Include your mission statement within your footer. This states your purpose clearly and is excellent for your search engine optimization!

If you’re wanting to increase enrollment, think of each element of your dance studio’s website as a strategic move turning viewers into customers. A well-crafted website is inviting, informative, and a true reflection of the welcoming atmosphere of your dance community. And importantly, it leads visitors easily to and through the registration process so they can join your ranks!

Best wishes to you and your studio!